Army Of Locusts



Tue. 8/16 All day How to Know Jesus Day How to Know Jesus In four brief steps, you can come to an understanding of how to find eternal life. During Billy Graham’s landmark 1954 London Crusade, his team developed a simple system to bring people to faith known as “Steps to Peac... more
Fri. 10/7 All day Saint Jude Day On this Day We read or listen to the book of Jude(the natural offspring of Joseph and Mary) in The Holy Bible in preparation for Spiriual Warefare against the Babelers(worship ontop pyramid's of babel).zodiac symbols of Fire,earth,wind, and water tha... more
Fri. 11/11 All day Children of the Nile Little Children of the Nile around 5000 B.C. Would play with the seed pods of the lilly of the nile. They would watch them float like boats. A scolar scribe designed a larger moldel of 1/3 of the seed pod. He observered that it floated with the 3x p... more
Sun. 12/25 All day Virgin Birth of the Only Begotton Son of God The Only Begotton Son of God,Emanuel(God is with us), was Placed in Mary's womb. Mary was a virgin at the time. God The Father Placed His son inside mary's womb. Not of mary's egg(seed), nor of Josheph's sperm(seed). The only begotton Son of God was ... more
Fri. 7/7 All day Celebraton of 7 Raptures Mentioned in The Holy Bible

7 of the 11 Raptures that are mentioned in the Holy Bible

Enoch, Elijah, Jesus Christ, Pre-Great tribulation, Mid Great Tribulation, End Tribulation, End of 1000 year reign(Pre-New Heven and New Earth)

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