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Mis Andry

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Mis andry, you are truly a mystery. You have Revealed yourself as Artemis and Lady of Ephesus to Many. Miss andry you're mother nature that Roars like a lion and your voice thunders time after time. Mis andry, you're the root of most religions and goddess to many nations. Miss andry, you're the role model and idol to women all over the world, and even worshiped as queen of the amazon women long ago. While Transformed into Libera, the goddess of Freedom, you have forgotten your attributes of Justice and Mercy. Mis Andry, why do you treat me like you do? Why do you blame me all the time? Haven't I tried to love you through and through the passing of time? Mis Andry, MIs Andry, How can I get through to you!!!! by Rev. Elijah Isaiah Zmuda.


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Lady *****Prov.9:1-2 Prov.3: 10-3 Eph.2:20 Eph.5:321 1Pe.2:5 Rev.14:3-5 Rev.21***** Wisdom is great for the mind; A woman who is true is hard to find. A treasure of beauty is a gem; Like a woman who loves is a diamond. A woman of honor is wonderful to hold; She is more precious than the purest of gold. A faithful woman is music to the ear; Pure as raindrops throughout the year. Knowledge of heaven is a gift from above; A woman is a gift to cherish and love. To find a woman like this and of integrity; One needs to understand a woman as I do a lady. ***By Rev. Elijah Isaiah Zmuda ****************************************************************************************** Denonninations in the church 1C0.12:12-31 Eph .4:1-24***** From the time of pentacost to now; People have formed many denominations. Searching for trurhs that are sound doctrine- Denominations were formed due to dissensions. God is the Father. God is the Son. And God is The Holy Spirit Where the Father is not the Son nor the Holy Spirit. The Son is not the Father nor the Holy Spirit And the Holy Spirit is not the Fathsr nor the Son. The unity of God in three persons, Known as The Hoty Trinity- God is calling us ls himself To be in perfect unity. Shema: hear O Israel for God is one. Christ as the head of The Spiritual Church; True Christians worship in Spirit and Truth. God teaches us through the HoIy Bible; Love builds the body of Christ, The Holy Spirit filied Christians are to become Holy and Perfect to become pleasing to God! ******* By Rev. Elijah Isaiah Zmuda ********************************************** Emotional Roller Coaster***** Jobl6, Isa.l4:12-17,Eze.28:l2-19, Mt.4:1 -1 1, Jn.5:39, Eph6:12, JUDE 9, Rev.12:7-12******* Lucifer was created by God Almighty; An Angel empowered with wisdom and beauty; Filled with pride, arrogance, and conceit; Thought he was wiser than the chief of chiefs. Lucifer in Grandiosity said the five I WILLS; Psychiatrist today would have gave him pills.. Lucifer and his Angels fought the Lord; Thinking he would become God forevermore. The Arch Angel Michael was ordered to fight; Commanded by God to charge disorder to right. Michael fought Lucifer down to the earth; This made Lucifer sad and hurt. Jealous and angry, Satan fights back; By blinding humans to believe non facts. Satan works on emotions to set his traps; Making humans feel hopeless or arrogant. Believe in God and his truth that are facts; By not ridding the coaster of Satan's track. *****By Rev. ELIJAII ISAIAH ZMUDA ***************************************** Gideon the Champion***** Special thanks to my Hebrew relatives in Israel (Jdg-ch-6&7)******* Gideon was called by the Lord; A champion with the Lords sword. Inspired by the Angel of the Lord thereafter; Gideon built "The Lord is Peace" altar. Gideon, not certain he was the best; Was proved by God through the Fleece test. Blowing of trumpets and breaking of jars; The enemies defeat was near, not far. With trumpets and torches in their hands; Gideon's army shouted "A sword for the Lord; And for Gideon." The enemy cried out as they fled, Killed by their own sword just as God said. Gideon, The Champion who believed; Is an Illustration of faith in God to Achieve. .... By ELIJAII ISAIAH ZMUDA ********************************* Golden Waterfall***** The 54 Ib. Dog town Nugget found on April 12th, L859.******* I woke up one morning in the spring; To a mountain slide that made my ears ring. Seeing a shadow of glimmering gold; I arose from bed to find a mystery untold. Through a forest of frozen piney icicles; On a mountain top, the shadow sparkled. Near a meadow, birds were singing; On a hill, wolves were howling; Near a river, a deer was drinking; In the water, trout were jumping. I stopped to look around and take a rest; Suddenly, a golden waterfall took my breath. I was amazed at what I saw; A Golden Nugget underneath the waterfall. ***** By Elijah Isaiah Zmuda ***************************Rainbow Radiance******Eze.1:26-28, Joel 2:28, Lk.9:28-36, Jn.1:1-18, Rev.4:3, Rev.22:5******* Electromagnetic radiation has ultraviolet waves; Just as sunlight sparkles against the ocean's waves. Light reflecls gold and water on a mountain side; Creating a rainbow with gold on each side. Light rays reflect and light up many things; A mirror reflection of beautiful women and God's glory. Electricity travels at the speed of light; Like a star shining bright at night. Angels can travel at the speed of light.; Unseen to most humans, they are out of sight. Someday time travel could be designed; Engineered by brilliant and practical minds. Dreams and visions inspire human beings; The light of the world gives life abundantly. ******Rev. Elijah Isaiah Zmuda _______________________________ Halloween Fun-------------- (Egyptian goddess- ISIS: Queen of Samhain; Also known as QUEEN OF HEAVEN in Jeremiah 7:18 & Jer.44).------------- God's voice is heard from his Holy Word, The Holy Bible, When read out Loud.--------------- Halloween comes once a year; Children run for fun in fear. It's a celebration for witches; Spells cast on treats taste delicious. On crystal clear or stormy nights; One might see a bat in flight. Fallen leaves of autumn's breeze; Whisper chants of forgotten trees; Honey bees are sleeping in their nest; While flies are buzzing, being pests. If you truly know God's only begotten son; Halloween would be a time to recall all of God's Blessings under the sun. -------------Rev. Elijah Zmuda--- _______________________________ Jezebel, Jezebel----1Kings 17 to 2Kings 9:37 (Psalm 67)-------------- Queen Jezebel was a prophetess of Baal; Her feet were rooted deep in hell; She would wine and dine Prophets of Baal; While killing God's prophets at any time. Elijah, the man of God then appeared; Destroying her armies with fire as he reverend and feared Gods Holy Presence. The testing of the true God by fire: Proved that Baal was no God but a liar. Jezebel, angry, jealous, and not thrilled; Threatened Elijah that he would be killed. Elijah prophesied of the death of Queen Jezebel; Dogs would devour her by the wail of Jezreel. The prophecy of Elijah came true; Justice was revealed Time after Time; through and through.------------ REV. ELIJAII ISAIAH ZMUDA _________________________________________


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