Army Of Locusts


Adam's Deep Sleep.......1,000,000 yrs.?

How long was Adam's deep sleep before eve came to be? Perhaps longer than the  LAST Ice Age! God is the master of time and all demensions; therefore, God could make the 6th day Millions of years long!

The Neanderthal 

 Many different Anceint Civilizations practiced techniques to alter the body by drugs(aphrodisiacs...ect.) and physical surgery. gene alteration or mutation can occur as a resust of biological chemicals and passed down to next generations.  Also, when a fossil is combined with many different chemical reactions, a change in the bone shape is altered. Possibly, The Neanderthal is just part of all these events that caused change to the skeletal shape. Remember what happened to sodom and gomorrah when the plates shifted causing an earth quake and volcano. The tar pit blew up...a giant greek fireball(primative nuclear reaction) hurled toward the cities catching them on fire; while another erruption cause the salt mine to shower over the cities. Thus, causing them to be turned to petrafied disfigured cities.
 Like Galiath of the Palestinian Caananites, Many of those who have been identified with gigantism have suffered from multiple health issues involving their
circulatory or skeletal system.


Since the time of cain, the practice of harvest festivals have been practiced. The wearing of masks for varies reasons were and still are practiced during the fall season of the year when crops are harvested. The seasons of the years seem to have governed the primitive cultures rather than the one and only God; Creator of everything. The observing of animals during this time of year had them wear masks that looked like the animals and dances to act out during their rituals. The primitive humans also observed the stars, and other bodies in the sky, at different times of the year, and named the dot to dot reminders of the creatures imagined or observed, for what today is known as constellation names.. 

  Demons that look like locusts come out of the Abyss(Prison)

 NightShade plants used as Primative Insecticide

Tobacco. Every form of tobacco is an effective insecticide. It is also highly
toxic to most other creatures including humans, so use with care. Do not breathe
it in or get it on your skin or in your eyes, and be sure to wash your hands
after using. Fortunately, its toxicity dissipates gradually and is pretty much
gone in two or three days. It is especially useful against caterpillars and it
does no harm to ladybugs. Nicotine is the active ingredient in tobacco and can be
bought in concentrated form. Nicotine sulphate (Blackleaf 40) is less powerful
but longer lasting.
You can extract the nicotine yourself by steeping tobacco dust, tobacco stems,
chopped up plug tobacco or even cigarette butts in boiling water. Leave them
twenty-four hours, then strain and dilute with four parts of water to one part
tobacco extract. This can be used as is or a quarter ounce soft soap per quart
can be added for a more penetrating spray. Tobacco dust can also be shaken
directly over the plants. Nicotine fumigation is effective at getting into all
the nooks and crannies of a greenhouse where pests lurk unseen waiting to
reinfest a plant after you have cleaned it up.

Nicotiana africana is native to Africa and was burned on the nile to prevent pests from eating crops.

 Since before 2000 BC, humans have utilized pesticides to protect their crops. The first known pesticide was elemental sulfur dusting used in ancient Sumer about 4,500 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The Rig Veda, which is about 4,000 years old, mentions the use of poisonous plants for pest control

Tobacco and mankind have been associated in the
same way as food and tea since before history began.
Its ancient origins and how it subsequently insinuated
itself into modern society have been described in
detail by Gately.
Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica
are native plants of the Americas having
evolved in the Andes around Peru/Ecuador. Men
came across them (along with more useful plants
such as tomatoes, potatoes, maize, cocoa and rubber)
Thousands of years ago when they migrated to the
American continents from Asia across the Bering
Straight land bridge. Tobacco is thought to have been
cultivated since about 5000–3000 BC.
The use of tobacco was universal throughout
the American continents(and Cuba) by the time that Christopher
Columbus arrived in North America in 1492.
Artifacts of mayan and pre mayan reveal that Tobacco was smeared over bodies (to kill lice and other parasites), and used
in eye drops and enemas. It was blown into warriors’
faces before battle, over fields before planting (it is
still used as an insecticide in agriculture) and over
women before sex. It was used medicinally for its
analgesic and antiseptic properties and as a cure for a
variety of ailments. It was offered to the gods and used
in religious ceremonies. It had both real and mystical
qualities. All sorts of implements were invented and
used to administer it but the most enduring method
of administration ever since these distant times has
been smoking.

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